Harry Potter and Unanswered Questions

The epilogue at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was, for my money, woefully insufficient in that it left a lot of unanswered questions. . .

First of all, what happened to the following characters: Victor Krum? Cho Chang? Goyle? Lavendar Brown? Pansy Parkinson? Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy? Florean Fortescue? Kreacher? Crookshanks? The Death Eaters, both those who were captured and those who professed to have changed since their “Lord” irrevocably died?

Did Winky ever recover from her elvish alcoholism?

What happened to the Dursleys? Did Harry see them after the second chapter of the last book? Would their relationship have changed since Harry was no longer a dependant?

Did George Weasley ever get married?

Did Harry’s Quidditch career really end when Cormac hit him with the Bludger? Did he try to play professionally?

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FRISCO, Texas — I have some thoughts about this topic — and about Doug Mallory’s future in Bloomington — but I’ll post them later. I’m sure you’ll all be on the edge of your seats. . .

Now, I just want to upload some multimedia …

Plus. . .

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Best Baseball Stories, II

Yes, this post is incredibly belated. There, I said it. Now let’s focus on the best baseball stories I wrote for http://www.indiana.rivals.com as I covered the 2013 Indiana University baseball team.

My feature on Aaron Slegers is terrific, if I do say so myself. What do you think, Internet?

My game story from IU’s Big Ten Tournament title victory.

My game story from IU’s first regional title, wherein Justin Cureton made a great catch.

My preview, from a pitching perspective, on how IU’s hurlers are preparing for the College World Series.

Its season on the line, IU baseball turned to Aaron Slegers against Oregon State. My preview is here.

I wrote a game story from Louisville about IU’s loss to UL.

Best Baseball Stories

In celebration — for want of a better term? — of the news that upon my graduation on May 4, I will continue to cover the IU baseball team for http://www.peegs.com.

Therefore, this post is to highlight the best stories I wrote for the Indiana Daily Student during my final semester as an undergraduate student-reporter.

(Stories are in reverse chronological order.)

My game story from April 15′s walk-off loss at Michigan State is here.

I wrote a feature story on right fielder Casey Smith, the son of IU Coach Tracy Smith.

From Evansville, I wrote the game story about the Hoosiers’ wild 10-8 triumph on April 9.

My game story recapped IU’s 6-2 defeat — on March 27 — of regional rival Louisville.

My March 19 feature story about the debut of Bart Kaufman Field is linked here.

I wrote the preview story as the Hoosiers began their spring break trip with a three-game set against the University of Florida Gators.

previewed the Hoosiers’ second weekend series against the Georgia Southern University Eagles.

To preview the 2013 season, I wrote a feature story about the team’s increased depth in the pitching corps.

The 2012 Quest for Eight

It’s not every season that a reporter has the privilege of covering a national championship season. Since the IU men’s soccer team captured their eighth national championship last month, I decided to compile within this blog my – and Justin Shockey‘s — coverage of the completed quest for eight, with all our stories hyperlinked.

Enjoy …

August 13, 2012 … Justin Shockey wrote the preview story about the Hoosiers’ 2012 season.

August 15 … Nathan Brown’s blog post detailing Eriq Zavaleta’s status concerning the Hermann Trophy.

August 15 … Micah McVicker’s game story of the Hoosiers’ 1-1 preseason draw vs. UIC.

August 17 … Micah McVicker’s preview of the Hoosiers’ final preseason match against Chivas de Guadalajara.

August 20 … Without a press box, from Fort Wayne, Justin Shockey recapped the Hoosiers’ final preseason match.

August 22 … Justin Shockey’s blog post on Big Ten preseason rankings.

August 23 … Justin Shockey wrote about two Hoosiers’ work with Chivas USA during the summer.

August 23 … Justin Shockey previewed the Hoosiers’ season-opening matches, the Billiken Classic.

August 24 … From St. Louis, Micah McVicker’s game story of the Hoosiers’ season-opening win against the Billikens.

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Trip Lee’s Farewell

Thank you, Trip Lee.

Your album The Good Life really hooked me on the genre. (The “I’m Good” music video is terrific.)

DJ Official tweeted approximately three hours ago that this year’s Unashamed Tour would be your last. I share his sadness.

Your verses in this song (second verse) and this song (third and final verse) are amazing.

I am sad to hear you talk about retirement, but I wish you the best no matter what you do. Selfishly, I’ll miss hearing new music from you. However, I pray that God will continue to bless you in anything you choose to do.

Meanwhile, I’ll wait patiently until you announce you’re working on your fifth album. When you do, it will be the album I’ve looked forward to the most.

P.S. I can’t describe how much I hope Young Noah is prophetic with this tweet …

P.S. 2 This tweet inspires optimism …

Ostensibly, he’s not …

This would be absolutely epic.

A Humble Request

There’s not much to say about this, but I want to make my opinion clear on this topic …

When will Psy’s proverbial 15 minutes of fame end? I’m tired of the ubiquity of Gangnam Style. As consumers, I request that we expedite the demise of this song. Immediately. Let’s do it yesterday–sooner if possible.

It would be nothing without the beat. Nevertheless, is that what makes music popular these days, merely the beat? Really? Are we that feckless? Or just ignorant (concerning the criteria of what composes good music)?

Regardless, I’d rather listen to Train’s sell-out album, California 37.